The Beauty of Just Showing Up

Britt at the Roman Forum

Britt at the Roman Forum

“I’d like my luggage sent all the way through to final destination.” The airline reservationist obliged. She handed me back my passport and boarding pass and wished me a pleasant flight. A tall, portly and overtly condescending TSA agent at the airport hurled security instructions at us travelers before approaching the body scanner. Simply put, I was unbothered. Hell, I was headed to Italy for a long awaited vacation. I wasn’t going to allow anyone to ruin my high. All l had to do from that point on was just show up. Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Travel to Sedona

Mom and Britt Sedona

There’s one designated day on the calendar to celebrate mothers. Of course, moms should be shown appreciation and love everyday and some may argue that Mother’s Day is just another holiday to generate retail sales. This may be true, but I along with millions of other people buy into the celebration. For me, it becomes a fun challenge to try and do something unique and special each year. Continue Reading

Tahiti Money Saving Tips

Brittany on the beach of the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort. Photo Credit: Julie Rosendo

Brittany on the beach of the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort.
Photo Credit: Julie Rosendo

Let’s face it… vacationing in Tahiti can be downright expensive and there aren’t many ways to save big. You can try to buy a package deal, use your air miles to help get you there or try to eat at local eateries, which if you are on the island of Bora Bora can be quite hard to do without having to spend money on a water taxi. I know. You still have your heart set on seeing paradise on earth for your honeymoon or trip of a lifetime. Fortunately, there is one money-saving tip that can help out a lot. Continue Reading

Summer Swiss Style

11 hours later and I had arrived in Switzerland. I was ready to escape the heat of Los Angeles and enjoy the cool breeze of the Swiss Alps. The daytime highs were expected to reach low 70′s with high chances of thunderstorms. Continue Reading

Bora Bora Blues

Britt's tropical outfit - Photo Credit: Julie Rosendo

Britt's tropical outfit - Photo Credit: Julie Rosendo

With more than 100 islands, Tahiti’s rugged mountain peaks, coral reefs, white sand and palm-fringed beaches evoke visions of the ultimate island paradise. But it’s the many hues of blues that had me saying  ooo and aaah. So it’s no wonder why I chose this outfit to wear around town. It was perfect for the hot, tropical weather and blended with the beautiful blue lagoons of Bora Bora.

  • Handbag – Baggallini A La Carte Bag (in Parrot)
  • Royal Blue Jumpsuit – Forever 21
  • Shoes – Crocs Adriana Flat II (Black)

Finding Order in Disorder

Brittany sporting a Baggallini handbag

Brittany sporting a Baggallini handbag

Bangkok! It’s a big, bustling city with more than 16 million people.  Intoxicating aromas, motorcycles, massage houses, exhaust, temples, heat and haggling- it’s the combination of things that make the capital of Thailand so intriguing. Continue Reading