Rhythm Abroad is a travel series that is sure to transport viewers into the heart and soul of a culture. Travel host, Brittany Pierce, is on a quest to explore the world while connecting with people through dance and music. In the kick-off season of Rhythm Abroad, Brittany traverses the globe from the South Pacific to Europe. Along her journey she reaches Tahiti, Southern Canada, the Swiss Alps and Southern Spain. In each episode, Brittany fully immerses herself into the local culture by experiencing the fun and challenges of learning to dance to the beat of each country. Whether it’s learning to swing her hips with the people of Tahiti or perform sacred dances with the Blackfoot First Nations people, she does it all even if she looks like a blundering amateur at times. Wherever Brittany is in the world she finds dance and music to be the universal language that bridges cultural divides and unites humanity.