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Join Brittany as she travels to Tahiti, Spain, Switzerland and Canada as she connects with people and explores their culture through dance and music. Whether it’s learning to swing her hips with the people of Tahiti or dancing in a pow-wow with the Blackfoot First Nations people, she does it all even if she looks like a blundering amateur at times. Off the dance floor, Brittany talks to local musicians to gain a better understanding of a culture through its music. She also savors the local food and enjoys the thrills of local activities and the best places to shop. Wherever Brittany is in the world, she finds dance and music to be the universal languages that bridge cultural divides and unite humanity.

Continue to be inspired by Rhythm Abroad to explore our world one beat at a time. To pre-order the Season 1 DVD Set featuring Brittany’s adventures in Tahiti, Spain, Switzerland and Canada click here.

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