11 hours later and I had arrived in Switzerland. I was ready to escape the heat of Los Angeles and enjoy the cool breeze of the Swiss Alps. The daytime highs were expected to reach low 70’s with high chances of thunderstorms.

I exited the plane and I was slapped in the face with waves of heat. It had to be a blazing 95 degrees! Who knew the Alps could reach such sweltering highs? Well, I certainly was not prepared for this. I had a suitcase full of sweaters and long pants. There was no time for shopping (unfortunately), so I was going to have to sweat this week-long shoot out.

Lesson learned- Switzerland does have four seasons and it does get quite hot in the Alps during the Summer. So do yourself a favor and pack a mixture of tanks and shorts plus a few sweaters and long pants for hikes to higher altitudes.

If it had only been a cool 70 this would have been the perfect travelista, Swiss style.

Summer Swiss Style - Photo Credit: Julie Rosendo

Summer Swiss Style - Photo Credit: Julie Rosendo

  • Sweater – Forever 21
  • Jeans – Joe’s Jeans
  • Shoes – Tieks (Cobalt Blue)